Want to Trade Gift Cards? This Website Lets You Do a Gift Card Exchange

Want to trade gift cards? This website lets you do a gift card exchange! Exchange your Home Depot gift card for a Best Buy gift card. Swap gift cards such as Target gift cards for Toys R Us gift cards! You can even sell your gift cards back, including that prepaid Visa gift card, American Express gift card, or Mastercard gift card!

Swap a Gift allows you to trade gift cards online, and swap gift cards with others who are in the same boat - having a gift card they can’t really use, but that someone else may be able to. Or maybe you’d just rather have the cash, which is why they let you sell back all kinds of gift cards, including not just store gift cards, but prepaid gift cards such as prepaid Visa gift cards, prepaid Mastercard gift cards, and prepaid Amex gift cards.

You can also flat out sell gift cards, and even buy gift cards directly from others who want to sell theirs! Or swap gift cards with them! The easy search interface allows you to search for people looking to buy gift cards such as yours, search for people looking to sell gift cards you want, or search for people who want to swap the gift card you want for the gift card you have!

Want an iPod, not food? As I write this there are Apple store cards available totalling $280.00 dollars, which you can either buy outright or swap for Costo, Sam’s Club and Whole Foods cards!

And Talladega Nights fans will be happy to know that there are no fewer than seven Applebees gift cards listed right now!

So whether you want to trade gift cards, sell gift cards, or even buy gift cards at a discount, youll want to check out the gift card exchange at Swap a Gift.