Best Buy recently launched a recycling program at all 1,006 stores nationwide.

Best Buy started an electronics recycling program in mid-February which allows customers to bring in up to two units per day for recycling. Best Buy is leveraging its retail presence and brand to get consumers to recycle old TVs, computers, appliances and more. Recycling large items is not usually the easiest process, but Best Buy has offered a simple process that will hopefully help increase the percentage of electronic items that get recycled.
Here’s how it works:

Go to the nearest Best Buy to drop off your old items (Check the list of items that are not accepted such as TVs over 32”.)
You will be charged a $10 recycling fee
You will get a $10 gift card in exchange for the recycling fee
This new program is a good service that encourages proper recycling and keeps electronics and reusable materials out of landfills. Of course this program would be better if you got paid for your items, but overall Best Buy is encouraging green-minded behavior and consumer responsibility. The products are not restricted to Best Buy products either. Stores will take accepted products purchased from anywhere. Remember though, Best Buy will only take two products per household per day.

The Best Buy recycling initiative is part of Best Buy's larger Greener Together program launched last year with the focus: Choose, Use, Reuse. If you have questions about the recycling program, find out more here.

Before rolling out this program in all its stores nationwide, Best Buy was smart to test it out as a pilot program. Best Buy reported that as of November 2008, 110,000 items had been reclaimed and kept out of landfills. I think this program is helping to set the precedent that both businesses selling products and consumers buying them need to take responsibililty for a product's end-of-life cycle. We all need to think through how to reuse products and dispose of them properly. I hope that this program continues to be successful. I do wish I knew where these electronics ended up though. ~ Megan

Megan Brown is the Client Relations Manager for Renewable Choice.